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Thrash Metal

Injury was born in September 2008 thanks to the efforts of four experienced musicians from the Emilian local metal scene. Injury's music combines the straightforward approach of the "classic metal anthems" with a more modern sound.

During the Spring of 2010, Injury released their first demo and started their live activity.
In the fall of 2010 the band signed a deal with Punishment 18 Records that lead to the release of their debut album "Unleash the Violence" on April 2011.

At the same time, the band increased its live activity, supporting bands like Lazarus AD, Bonded By Blood and Suicidal Angels.
On December 2013 Injury reached an agreement with the US label Ferocious Records. Their second album,“DominHate”, was released on March 2014.

During the following tour the band shared the stage with Sepultura, Death Angel, Dew Scented, The Crown and Extrema.
Their lastest effort is the EP “Wreckage” released in Autumn 2018 via Volcano Records & Promotion, notable for its exploration of a personal sound.
While touring to support the EP, the band opened for Hatebreed, Necrodeath, Raw Power and Gama Bomb.
Injury are:
Alessandro “Alle” Rabitti (vocals)
Simone “Saimon” Petrone (guitar)
Mirco “Mibbe” Bennati (bass)
Andrea “Pollo” Pollastri (drums)