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Crossover Thrash

Wargame  was founded in September / October 2012 by Tommaso (drums) and Defo (vocals), who recruited Ale Freaks (vocals), Max (guitar) and Tony (bass). With the later addition of Rello (guitar) the line up was finally completed.

In March 2013, Wargame recorded their first demo "Demo-lition 2013" at Purple Studios for Killerdogs Records.

Between November 2013 and January 2014 Wargame recorded the EP "Acid Barf " (released the 23 of March 2014) at Sound Workshop Studio and at their own rehearsal room. Mix and master were managed by the band itself. The EP was produced by Rat Conspiracy Records.

In two separate sessions between October 2014 and April 2015, Wargame recorded their debut album "Sick Of Italy" at Toxic Basement Studios. Mix and master were provided by Carlo Altobelli. The LP was produced by ETN Records and distributed by Punishment 18. This is the first professional release of the band.

Between July and August 2017 by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studios, Wargame recorded their second album, “Dead Skaters Brigade”. Mix and master were by Carlo Altobelli. The LP is produced and distributed by Slaughterhouse Records.

During their career, Wargame played at various undeground festivals in most parts of Italy. They also played a lot of shows as guests as well as headliners, sharing the stage with the likes of: Lich King, Necrodeath, In.Si.Dia, Insanity Alert, Turbowarrior Of Steel, Extrema, Crippled Fox, ACxDC, Game Over, Running Death, Raw Power, Indigesti, Slander and Hobos.